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Ayurveda for Cancer - By Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande

Title – Ayurvedic Medicines Can be given as Palliative Treatment in the patients of Cancer
Presented by  -- Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande & Dr.Sachin Sarpotdar 
Cancer Case Diagnosis to Management.
A 83 years old lady namely AAN brought into clinic on 28th Jan 2014.Registration Number --  43/2014
Presenting complaints -
1) Dfficulty in breathing- 3-4 month.
2) Weakness since 2 months
3)Abdominal heaviness since 2 months
4) Anorectal bleeding - frequently since a year.
§  Medical History- Diabetes and HT since 10 years
§  .Drugs taking-Glimy- glimepiride 2 mg since 2 years
        Losar-H since 2 years.
Physical examination-
BP-170/100mmHg.,Palpation - Nodular hard masses in Right hypochondriac region and epigastric region.
Clinical Diagnosis - Malignancy.
Advised for the CT Scan Abdomen
Abdominal Scan Report -  Antral neoplastic masses,Secondaries to both lobes of liver,Ascetic fluid present.
Prognosis discussed with relatives.Patient was not in a condition to undergo Surgery or take Chemotherapy .So relatives decided to follow the palliative treatment based on Ayurvedic Principles.Although prognosis was looking bad ,Ayurvedic management can maintain better quality of life.So treatment was given as follows --
Treatment Given-  1) Shankha Vati-  2 BD + 2) Gandharva Hastyadi Castor oil 2 TSF HS.+3) Raktapachak ( Patoladi yoga) 2 TDS- Agasti Pune.+4)Drakshakumari 2 TSF BD with warm water.+5) Sesame oil with Rock salt - Warm - For chest application and mild duration with a steam.
Gandharva Hastyadi can take care of Bowel regularity .As Liver is culprit ,Ratapachak is indicated .Draksha & Kumari ,both can be Rasayan in old age ,to reduce weakness & stimulate Metabolism.
As a lady is from Kerala the compliance for Ayurvedic medicines and therapies was good.
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