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Diabetes Mellitus & Ayurvedic Treatment

Diabetes Mellitus & Ayurvedic Treatment
By – Prof.Dr.R.R.deshpande  ( MD in Chikitsa & MD in Kriya)
Mobile – 922 68 10 630

Matter his from my own book – 
Ayurved for General Practitioner ,Proficient Publication



(1) Primary  diabetes  mellitus  (DM)  :  No  definite  cause
(a) Insuline  dependant  diabetes  mellitus  (IDDM)
(b) Non-insuline  dependant  diabetes  mellitus  (NIDDM)

(2) Gestational  diabetes  mellitus  (GDM):  First  recognized  during pregnancy  &  subsides  after  that.

(3) Impaired  glucose  tolerance  (IGT)

(4) Potential  abnormality  of  glucose  tolerance(PAGT)

(5) Latent  abnormality  of  glucose  tolerance  (LAGT)

(6) Secondary diabetes mellitus, associated with known conditions &  symptoms.
(a) Endocrine : Acromegaly, cushing.s syndrome, congenital
absence  of  Islet.s  cells.
(b) Metabolic  :  Iron  overload,  pancreatic  calcification,  drug
induced  :  steroids,  thiazide  diuretics.


(1) Fasting & Post Glucose blood sugar – For Not Known Diabetic
( 2) Fasting  &  Post  prandial  blood  sugar – For Known Diabetic
(2) Complete  GTT  .  Glucose  tolerance  test.—If Fasting & Post Glucose values are on borderline .Here 5 blood samples are taken like fasting & then Glucose water .Then every half an hour till 2 hours
(3) Modified  GTT --- Due to Economical restraint ,it is alternative to Complete GTT .Fasting sample .Then Glucose water & then 1 hour & 2  hour sample .Total 3 samples
(4) Glycosylated  Hb  .  to  get  idea  about  average  blood  sugar
level,  for  a  particular  period like in last 3 months.It should be below 7

To check for complications in time – Once in a year ---- Regular Retinoscopy from Ophthalmologist to rule out Diabetic Retinopathy. Blood pressure,ECG & 2D Echo to check Ischaemic Changes in heart ,Blood Urea & Creatinine –to rule out Diabetic Nephropathy


According to Ayurveda ,main classification is made as per Santarponattha or Apatarponnath patho Physiology is there

Shilajit ,Medohar Guggulu are better for Santarponnatha ( Over nutrition )  & Vasantkusumakar is better for Apatarponntha ( Under nutrition & Oja Kshaya)

Detox with Vaman ( after Deepan Pachan with Agni tundi ,Aamapachak vti) is more indicated in Santarponnatha

(1) Chandraprabha  2  Tab.  3  times  a  day
(2) Jasad  Bhasma  100  mg.  +  Suvarnamakshika  Bhasma  125
mg.  3  times  a  day
(3) Jambvasava  3  tablespoon  with  equal  amount  of  water  after meals.
(4) Vasant  kusumakar  Rasa  1  Tab.  Everyday  with  beetle  leaf  & milk.
 (5) Tab.DBN  (Indian  pharmaceutical  co.)    2  Tab.  3  times  a  day.

(1) Madhumeha  Vati  (HP)  2  Tab.  3  times  a  day
(2) Arogyavardhini  Vati  2  Tab.  3  times  a  day
(3) Madhumeha  Kadha  (HP)  4  tablespoon  with  equal  amount  of water  after  meals.
(4) Rasayana  Churna  (HP)  1  tablespoon  2  times  a  day

(1) Jasad  Bhasma  50  mg  +  Vanga  Bhasma  125  mg  +  Suddha  Shilajit  50  mg  +  Suvarnamakshika  Bhasma
50  mg  +  Shrungabhasma  50  mg  +  Praval  Bhasma
50  mg  3  times  a  day.

(i) Bangshil  (A)  :  2  tab.  3  times  a  day.
(ii) Fortege  (A)  2  Tab.  2  times  a  day
(iii) Asanad  (AYR)  2  Tab.  3  times  a  day

(i) Teliya  Asana  Bharada  (ASS)  .  Soke  8  tablespoon  overnight, filter  &  drink  it  in  the  morning
(ii) Suddha  Shilajit  (ASS)  500  mg.  to  1000  mg.  a  day
(iii) Shilajit  Vati  (A)  2  to  4  Tab.  3  times  a  day
(iv) JK 22  (C)  2  Tab.  2  times  a  day

(i) Haridra  +  Amalaki  Churna  2  tablespoon  at  bed  time  with
warm  water.
(ii) Tarkeshwara  Rasa  (B)  1  Tab.  2  times  a  day
(iii) Vasantatilak  Rasa  (Suvarna  Mauktika  yukta)  1Tab.  2  times  a day  with  milk.

(i) Madhumehari  Yoga  (B)  2Tab.  3  times  a  day
(ii) Madhutard  (Zandu)  one  sachet  in  a  glass  of  water  before
(iii) Trivangashila (Zandu) 2 to 4 Tab. 2 times a day before meals.
(iv) DBT  (Sharangdhara)  2  tab.  2  times  day.

    Tab. DBT  of Sharangadhar Pharma ,Pune – (Gudmar, Jambu beej churna etc. )- Dr.RRD had done a research on it, shows 100 % result. Start  with 1 BD with the allopathic medicine  which  patient is  consuming. Every Sunday patient should check  BSL  on glucometer, gradually dose can be  increased up to 2BD or 2TDS but here allopathy medicine should be reduced or stopped.
It is open appeal to all ,use Tab DBT -- & send your experiences to me on –


(1) Check  for  Food,  Exercise  and  Medicine  daily.
(2) Always  avoid  unnecessary  intake  of  water.
(3) Always  use  fried  flour  of  wheat,  rice,  Barley,  Black  gram  etc. before  use.
(4) Make  sure  that  patient  takes  plenty  of  bitter  guard  and  leafy vegetables  in  food.
(5) Try  to  take  astringent,  pungent  and  bitter  medicine  everyday  such  as  Haritaki  +  Haridra  +  Jambu  beeja  +  Methi  Beeja
(6) Control  weight.
(7) Avoid  sleep  as  soon  as  meals  and  especially  during  the  day  time.
(8) Everyday  at  least  for  1  hour  exert  yourself.


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